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The Journey

Whether its a sports or a business team, Communication, Accountability, and Passion are needed elements to succeed. These are my three uniques that I bring to the table. My true passion is to help others grow and become their best. Like most long term Visions or Goals you may not understand completely on how the journey will go. If you are focused and determined you will succeed. 

​After graduating college, I started my professional journey at a large technology distribution company. In my 18 years of service I was able to receive the Top Sales Award as the #1 Account Executive. I set the Revenue and Profit record, at that time, recording 35 million in sales off of my desk in a single year. If it wasn't for my mentors and my TEAM, I couldn't of accomplished this. The next logical step was management.  

With a lot of support, and a few tough lessons learned, I built an amazing TEAM. We blew past all of corporate's forecasts year after year and I received the Top Management Award as "Branch Manager of the Year." We celebrated it as a TEAM, and we called it the "Branch of the Year" award.  We were all winners!

So here I go!! It was time to take the next step toward my Vision and chase my entrepreneurial dream. First lesson learned, Humility. Second lesson learned, being successful in a corporate setting with a proven operating system, full back office support, and plenty of mentors didn't exactly translate to starting, owning, and building a successful entrepreneurial company. After one of my ventures failed I quickly realized I needed to learn a lot more. I began to obsess over finding the right Operating System to create a successful Entrepreneurial Company. After some more struggles, lessons learned, and lots of hard work, I successfully built a strong TEAM at Verve Tech. We crushed it and I sold the company to my partner after two short years. I wanted to keep pushing forward so I could help more people reach their business goals and continue doing what I was passionate about.


From there, I helped build and lead multiple entrepreneurial companies.  I learned the pains and struggles for many different sized and structured organizations.  During the same time, I was introduced to EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) and the powerful tools I could use to replicate success for so many others!!​

The journey has lead me to here!! I am blessed and grateful to get to do what I love, every single day! I am ready to share my experiences and lessons learned, both bad and good, to help your TEAM win! 


If you are ready to invest in your small, medium, or large TEAM's success you were meant to find Verve Team Solutions. We work with your Leadership to POWER UP your Sales Team with our Winning Formula.  

Leadership = Accountability + Repeatability + Scalability = Profit


If you want to take your entire small to medium size entrepreneurial business to the next level then you also came to the right place! To learn more about the powerful tools I mentioned earlier, hit the "Run on EOS®" button on the search menu above.

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