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Business Presentation
Business Presentation

Our Services

We strive to be flexible and help your team only where help is needed.  We find your weaknesses and strengthen them so your sales team produces your desired results. We have the Winning Formula and implement proven tools to support you.

Implement Operating System

We are Professional EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) Implementers. We work with your leadership team to get better at Vision, Traction, and Healthy. Click Run on EOS® to learn more.

One on One Leadership Training

We provide one on one leadership training for your Sales Leader. We help them establish the right culture that breeds winners. We will pinpoint your Sales Leader's strengths and weaknesses using Kolbe A Index testing to establish the right leadership style that fits.

Tools for Success

We will define the proper product or service training needed for success at your unique organization. We will assist you in choosing the correct tools needed to scale and raise profitability.

Sales Planning and Processes

We will fully align sales with the company's vision and values. We will assist you with building a clearly defined plan for success. We will establish streamlined repeatable sales processes creating Scalability and Profitability. 

Forecasting and Goal Setting

We work with you to establish both short and long term goals for the sales team.  These include measurables that will be established and tracked instilling discipline and increasing accountability. The leadership team will be provided more accurate forecasting and better predicting, increasing profitability.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

We will help you build the correct interview and onboarding process to get and retain the talent you have been looking for.  We will work with you to create a clearly defined, simple, and fair compensation structure that will attract the right people to your team.  This will create repeatability and profitability.

Coaching On Call

Need a quick coaching session to tweak a few things? Or do you want to give coaching a test drive…without committing to a full program? We offer 5-hour blocks of time that can be used for any of our service offerings as a project, or to simply provide objective, expert advice when you’re looking for a sounding board.

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